20-06-2021 | Sandy Peters

Sandy Peters


Philosophy, Pranayama, and Meditation.

Meditation is Sandy’s companion – always there for her whenever she needs it.

Sandy started her meditation journey in 2012 as a way to explore and manage her own mind. After discovering Bihar Yoga in 2014 and feeling so connected to the tradition, she decided to leave her advertising job, pack up her bags and join the “Bihar School of Yoga” in India – the world’s first yoga university – for a 4month course in advanced yogic studies.

The inner transformation she went through during the course led her to enrol in a teacher training course, following the same tradition.

In 2017, Sandy started her intensive studies in Raja Yoga, the ‘Yoga of the Mind’ with Swami Niranjanada; she goes to Bihar every year for progressive trainings.

To practice her Karma Yoga outside the ashram, Sandy established “Koun”, a Lebanese NGO that aims at spreading yoga and meditation in underprivileged communities in Lebanon.