03-07-2020 | Hala Okeili

Hala Okeili – Founder of Sarvam Yoga Studio


Hala Okeili is the founder, manager and one of the main teachers at Sarvam Yoga. Sarvam Yoga is today the leading yoga studio in Lebanon, with more than 100 practitioners who come to practice every day.
Originally, Hala comes from a legal background, she worked as a corporate lawyer for 8 years, she has a Bachelor and Masters in Law from USJ & Aix- Marseille (France). But her love and passion for yoga, and her belief in adopting yoga as a complete lifestyle, lead her to drop her legal career for a higher purpose, teaching and spreading Yoga. She accumulated 500 hours of training in the Ashtanga Yoga and the Vinyasa Flow methods from Sampoorna Yoga, India, where she also taught and assisted in few teacher trainings. Hala constantly continues to expand her studying and knowledge, she practiced and studied with renowned teachers, such as Mark and Joanne Darby, David Williams, Eddie Stern, Kino Mcgregor, and many more. Today, she continues to study in KPJAYI, the traditional institute of Ashtanga Yoga, with her teacher Sharath Jois.
She is a young, energetic, dedicated and passionate yogini who’s determined on spreading the practice of Yoga first nationally then internationally, and making it available to as many.