20-06-2021 | Hala Okeili

Hala Okeili – Founder of Sarvam Yoga Studio


Alignment, Adjustment, Teaching Methodology and Techniques, the Art of Teaching, and the business of Yoga.

Hala Okeili is a main teacher in the TTC and the teacher training director. She is the main teacher, founder, and manager at Sarvam Yoga. Sarvam Yoga born in 2016, is today a leading yoga studio and school in Lebanon, with more than 100 practitioners who come to practice every day.

Originally, Hala comes from a legal background, she worked as a corporate lawyer for 8 years, she has a Bachelor and Masters Degree in law from USJ & Aix- Marseille (France). But her love and passion for yoga, and her belief in adopting yoga as a complete lifestyle, led her to drop her legal career for a higher purpose, teaching and spreading Yoga. She accumulated 500 hours of training in the Ashtanga Yoga and the Vinyasa Flow methods from Sampoorna Yoga, India, where she also taught and assisted in few teacher trainings. She practiced and studied with renowned teachers, such as Mark and Joanne Darby, David Williams, Eddie Stern, Kino Mcgregor, and many more. Today, she continues to study in KPJAYI, the traditional institute of Ashtanga Yoga, with her teacher Sharath Jois.

She is a passionate yogini who’s determined on spreading the practice of Yoga first nationally then internationally and making it available to as many.

  • Featured and interviewed by MBC1, by Telegraph India, the most read newspaper/magazine in India, as Beirut’s Yoga Ambassador/ in “Yoga Life Middle East” magazine/ in Mondanite Magazine/ Marie Claire Arabia/ Executive Magazine.
  • Since 2018, Hala has a weekly yoga segment on MTV Lebanon
  • In 2018, Hala teaches an intensive program to the YPO India, the Young Presidents Organization, one of the world’s biggest business leaders’ organization, in India, Kolkata. Attended by 80 YPO members.
  • Hala teaches the kids of Ektara NGO in India.
  • Hala partners up with many brands such as Puma (yoga brand ambassador), Lipton Arabia, SIP, Herbal Essences, Calvin Klein, Liquido Active, and so forth, also hosting yoga events attended by 200- 400 people helping to spread awareness about yoga.
  • Taught, participated in workshops/ events in Arab countries, namely Jordan, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.