27-01-2020 | Relovutiom

Date: Friday 22 February 8:00PM – 10:30PM
Saturday 23 11:30AM – 6:30PM
Sunday 24 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Dance is a radical act, a revolutionary act.
No one telling you at what pace, how and in what direction is your next step..
Cost: Before February 8, 2019: 125 $
After February 8: 155 $
Saturday & Sunday: 140 $
Friday evening only: 25 $

Are you ready to feel rather than suppress? Are you ready to embody the change that
you want to see in the world? Are you ready to join the dance? Are your ready for RELOVUTION ?
All you need is your body, your breath and the intention to be fully present in the moment and to give shape and movement to Life flowing through you!
5 Rhythms® is a dynamic movement practice, a path to being in our body—that ignites aliveness and awareness, inspires creativity,nurtures connection ande xtends to the community. An exploration and an encounter with oneself, the other one and the group. A practice to release tensions, befriend our energies and emotions, build our confidence, dare relationships, play and share the freedom and the simple pleasure of dancing!
You are invited to experience the joy of your free, spontaneous and unique dance!
Cecile Klefstad « As a dancer and 5 Rhythms certified teacher, I trust the wisdom and medicine of organic spontaneous instinctive movements. I invite you to connect to your uniqueness, your inner “choreography”. I invite you to dance it and embody it in your life. I invite you to dance your life – close to your soul – in innocence – spontaneity – fluidity – and vitality.
One step at a time… can you hear the music? »
Contact: Judy Salloum / Judsin16@gmail.com +961 70 28 25 23