26-05-2019 | Entertainment for a Cause: Waking Life Screening

Date: February 8 at 8 pm

Join us for the screening of “Waking Life” – a movie night for a cause!


Dear friends, what if we told you that people in need can benefit from our happy gatherings?

e decided to do fun events (that we usually do between friends) with the aim of gathering money for people in need. We want to support each other with all the lightness in the world.

This time it’s a movie night that will be dedicated to help a wonderful father who has a major physical disability due to the 1975 war that’s preventing him from finding a job and he’s finding it hard to sustain a family of 5 children of whom 2 have hearing and talking disabilities, and a mother who has a hearing disability as well.

While we are trying to help the father find a job, we decided to start making events that could help us support people in need while searching for sustainable solutions that could help them to independently sustain themselves.
You can pay anything (from 1000 L.L to infinity) in our box at the entrance, and you can also bring food or clothing donations.

Oh and by the way the movie is: WAKING LIFE.

Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=xX10vQEa56E

Hope to see you many!