29-07-2018 | Beyond Relaxation – Yoga Nidra & Meditation

Do you make a wish every time you see 11:11? On Sunday, November 11th, join Sandy for a Yoga Nidra & Meditation session to plant the seed of your heartfelt intention in the depth of the mind.

Theme of the session: Sankalpa (intention) formulation

Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation which generates a state between wakefulness and deep sleep: the body sleeps, but the mind remains alert. Its purpose is to lead us to a higher state of consciousness.

Meditation consists of generating a state of complete rapport with a focus point. This focused concentration is a direct and effective way to control stress levels, restore mental balance and clarity.
Meditation allows us to access the inner world, explore the mind and eventually transcend it.

Fee: 25.000 lbp for non-members.