20-08-2019 | ALIGN – Chakra Flow & Sound Healing

Date: Saturday, March 16th
Time: 5 pm to 6:30 pm
Fee: $30
Align Workshop – Chakra Flow & Sound Healing
w/ Isane from Morocco & Tomoko from Japan
About the workshop
Get yourself ready to live a unique experience that will take you beyond the practice of asana.
In this Workshop, we will combine a Vinyasa inspired deep flow that focuses on alignment with Sound Healing concerting every movement and each breath.
We will hold space for you to work gradually on balancing the 7 energy centers –Chakras- within your body for a full energy awakening experience.

About the facilitators
Isane from Morocco:
International Yoga Alliance certified teacher from the Byron Yoga Centre in Australia in Hatha and Iyengar. Trained in vinyasa style in Gold Coast- Australia and Ashtanga in Bali. She teaches different styles of yoga with a focus on alignment and precision in the performance of posture.
An ardent advocate of pranayama “Breathing exercises” that she shares in her classes and workshops using different techniques that take the body into a mindful control of the breath.
Grand passionate of natural healing through chakra healing, Food, Arts, Aroma, Gemstones, …
She shares her knowledge through yoga classes, events and workshops with all the beautiful souls around who are seeking whether to start or deepen their practice.

Tomoko Itto from Japan:
Graduated from Barbara Brennan School of Healing ( BBSH) in USA, one of the best energy healing schools in the world.
She attended a 4-year intensive course program to deepen her knowledge in energy healing to heal humans as well as to transform herself on a deeper level.
She is trained in sound healing with Ashana, one of the premiere healing music artists and New Age vocalists of our time.
She works as a professional energy healer and her mission is to help people to remember who they really are.
She uses different healing techniques in her work such as reiki, Sound Healing, reading and aligning Chakras.